domingo, 24 de junio de 2007


Como agradecimiento a todas las personas que nos visitan desde diferentes lugares del mundo aquí les dejamos esta pequeña traducción en ingles de bienvenida a nuestro país: Venezuela.

Upon flying into the airport of Maiquetia, you may have observed the extensive coast that Venezuela has. This is one of the true jewels of Venezuela, over 3,000 kilometers of coastline make this country ideal for enjoying the beach. The ultra-modern Simon Bolivar airport in Maiquetia, serves the city of Caracas, which is a 40 minute ride away.

The coastline where the airport is located is the week-end playground of most people who live in Caracas, as these are the closest beaches to the city. Further along this coast is the city of La Guaira, which is also the principal port that serves the city of Caracas, and where you can find many colonial building such as the Casa Guipuscoana, the Armando Reveron Museum and the Naval Museum. In addition, as one of the most important ports to serve Venezuela, La Guaira has a spectacular collection of restored Spanish fortifications dotted over the hills and it was these forts that controlled the attacks of the Caribbean pirates. Two of the most important are El Vigía and La Pólvora.

Simon Bolivar airport is also your staging point for any other trips you may be planning around Venezuela. From here, you can visit the charming island of Margarita or the spectacular tropical archipelago of Los Roques, famous for its crystal clear waters and delicious lobster. From here, you can also leave for Canaima and Roraima, also known as the “lost world of Conan Doyle”, visit the Angel Falls, the highest waterfalls in the world, or visit the snow-capped mountains of Merida, where you can ride the longest and highest cable-car in the world. These are only some of the places to visit in Venezuela. The truth is… you need more time to see it all!

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